January 25, 2018


Lying on my bed, I'm mulling over stuff I've yet to accomplish before my flight back to the US next week. Exactly one week to go, and I'll be going home.

Home. My home is now halfway across the world, far away from my motherland.

For quite some time now, I've observed some lacking emotions on my part while traveling. Yes, I like to travel. I love exploring new places, and experiencing new things. Thus, I expect to feel excitement: a wonderful mix of anxiety and anticipation, whenever I venture out to the world. But it seems that I'm not feeling that way anymore... At least, not as intense as I would expect. Nowadays it's like, ok, I'm going somewhere again. Let's get this over with.

But now, thinking about my forthcoming trip back to the US, I observe that there's this feeling of sadness building up inside me, a heavy feeling upon my chest, and a sense of regret because I'll be leaving behind people that are close to my heart. I think about how much I will miss this place again... and I cry.

God, I really love it here.

As the wave of emotion ebbs away, I'm left with a thought: Fascinating how I feel more emotional when I'm going away, compared to when I'm coming back.

December 05, 2017

The Reason for the Season

Last Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent, which marked the start of a new liturgical year in the Catholic Church. I was thinking about sharpening my writing skills again, and at the same time reflect upon my life as of late; I guess, now would be a good time to do those things.

I know that most of us are busy preparing for the holidays, or going on with our usual adulting routines, but I'm hoping that you would spend some time reading this, as I really want to share my thoughts with you. Consider this a breath of fresh air in your otherwise toxic social media feed.

My writing skills are really rusty; you can't imagine how may times I've rewritten the paragraphs above. Oy vey.

December 02, 2017

New Blog Layout and a Bunch of Video Highlights

...and for the Nth time, I've changed my blog layout.

Actually, it's more like I've reverted the layout back to the old-school style I'm familiar with. The previous layout, while complementary to the social media aesthetic, does not mesh well with my blogging style (i.e. a bit on the wordy side). It has been giving me unnecessary stress, thinking about what thumbnail image to use, which consequently distracted me from writing cohesively.

So there. Hopefully, this new layout will inspire me to blog more often (if not regularly), even if it's just about nonsensical ramblings and stuff.

November 07, 2017

Touching Bases

Hey, it's me.

I'm still playing Final Fantasy XV, even though I've already completed the game. I'm still pretty much hooked, so much so that I'm managing three saved games: Post-Campaign (I've yet to conquer that cursed Pitioss Ruins), New Game+ (because I can), and New Game - Normal Mode (because I want to). I've also finished all the DLC episodes (thanks, Season Pass!); currently waiting for Episode Ignis to be released next month.

Yep, I'm still hooked. But I guess you're not interested in that kind of update, huh?

Genesee Valley Park, Rochester, NY.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I've got nothing. I just happen to be passing by, when I had the urge to update this blog, albeit with useless ramblings. I really wanted to write about something deep and reflective for quite some time now, but my brain seems to be out of shape to handle that kind of exercise.

So I guess this will do for now. At least I can still type. And spell. And construct sentences.

Can I?

P. S. The image included in this post has nothing to do with the content, but my current blog theme kinda requires at least one image per post to use as thumbnail. This is okay when I'm writing about products or travel experiences, but if I'm just rambling on, finding what photo to include is a hassle. Ugh, I need a new layout. Again.

August 13, 2017

On Hiatus

Hi guys!

Looking back at my published posts as of late, it seems that I am able to update this blog at a fairly regular pace, and for that I'm very happy.




I'm sorry to say that I'll be stepping away from the keyboard for a while.

Sorry, dear readers, but Noctis needs me. :)

I've recently acquired a pre-owned Final Fantasy XV, which I started playing a few days ago... and I'm totally hooked. I've been forgetting my household chores, my blog (I've already got four entries lined up but I don't think I'll be able to start them anytime soon), heck, I've even been forgetting my personal hygiene!

I'm still subscribed to Ipsy, PINCHme, and a couple of more sampler boxes that I haven't talked about yet, but since I'll be busy with my game, I've decided to skip talking about any subscription boxes I'll be getting during my blogging break.

All things said, hope to see you when I get back. When? I don't know... but I'll definitely write again!

Ja, mata ne!