Celebrating My 31st Name Day

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Mukha pa naman akong bata, diba?? XD 

Yesterday marked my 31st year of existence (insert obligatory OMG-like-I-am-so-frickin-old-already rant here).  Birthdays aren't really something to look forward to once you reach this age range (i.e. 25 to 60), at least for me, for the following reasons:
  • You're nearing your expiration date, one excruciating year at a time.
  • If you're still single, people will ask WHY you're still single.  You're mom, who used to discourage you from getting into relationships while you're still studying, will even go to great lengths to play matchmaker for you.
  • If you're in a relationship but not yet married, people will ask WHEN you'll get hitched.
  • If you're married but still childless, people will ask WHY and would even pressure you more with that Biological Clock shi--stuff.
  • People will ask you why you're not yet migrating to the US, or Australia, or Singapore, or wherever.  So they really want to get rid of you that badly, huh?
  • People won't be giving you gifts or treating you out anymore.  What's worse, THEY'LL be expecting that YOU prepare some blowout feast of some sorts.  Wow, palamunin much?
  • Every year, you'll question yourself if you are really turning out the way you really wanted.
Yet, no matter how you try to avoid that dreaded day, it still comes after you and drags you by your feet as you feebly claw the ground in silent protest against aging.

Can't do anything about it, really, so let's just get on with the festivities.


It's been YEARS since I last held a bow and arrow.  It was during my PE classes in UPLB where I first tried archery, and I chose that sport because I'm not really the sporty/athletic type and that I want to try out something different.  Modesty aside, the instructor even attempted to recruit me in the varsity.  But when I learned that a bow costs around 14,000 PhP AND that I still need to lift some weights to work out my back (for pulling the string and stuff), I chose not to pursue the sport and just enjoy the experience for a semester or two.

I might've mentioned to Ge that the only sport I got to enjoy was Archery, because for my birthday he surprised me with this activity.  He found about Gandiva Sports and Cafe through spot.ph, and since the place was fairly near, he decided to treat me to one round of shooting.
We got to the place a little past 12 noon, so we had our lunch at the cafe.  The menu was completely vegetarian, so we ordered pasta and pizza (we also have a choice of ordering soy-based meats like chicken, burgers, or even bacon but we weren't that adventurous that time).

 photo 20130309_131510_zps38504ef8.jpg  photo 20130309_132142_zpsb240ea78.jpg
Left: Cappuccino (small)
Right: Cheese-stuffed Chili
 photo 20130309_132147_zps11d442e7.jpg  photo 20130309_132945_zps8e5c0578.jpg
Left: Tuna Pesto Spaghetti
Right: Tomato and Basil Pizza 

Our reservation was for 1400H, where one of the attendants gave an introductory lesson on how to properly handle the bow, where to notch the arrow, stances, and other basic stuff like that.  Once we were able to handle the bow properly (and shoot the first arrow), we were pretty much left on our own, save for a couple of times when the instructor would adjust our sight when he observed that our arrows were clustering on one particular part of the target.

 photo 20130309_143621_zpsfa7c8490.jpg  photo 20130309_141927_zpsd9bec722.jpg
My form is far from ideal (I think I should've straightened my arm a little bit more),
But I'm still glad that I remembered my PE lessons from the University.
 photo 20130309_143805_zps0a99c882.jpg  photo 20130309_141937_zps770b9152.jpg
This was Ge's first time (ever) in trying out Archery.
This was the result from the second round, but trust me: he got really better towards the end.
 photo 20130309_144117_zps897f447c.jpg  photo 20130309_143844_zps8f997101.jpg
More camwhore shots while we were resting our arms.
Boy, those bows are HEAVY. 

Walk-in Archery Trial is available for 600++ PhP per hour, which includes the use of Archery equipment and facility w/ assistance of a well-trained archery pro-staff.

Gandiva Sports and Cafe

ADDRESS: 7/F One Corporate Center Building Julia Vargas St. corner Meralco Avenue Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines

CONTACT NUMBERS: (+63-2) 638-4549, (+63-2) 638-8771

EMAIL: info@gandiva.com.ph



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