March 18, 2013

Hello World

First post! Yes, what geeky title I have over there.

Wasn't really planning to create a new blog, but due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. my longtime blog domain is having server problems), I decided to sorta kinda jump ship to another free blog hosting site.  One that has a high chance of sustainability, being powered by Google and all.

I still love you, Tabulas, but I have to keep my other options open.

Still have lots to learn about my new home.  Play around with new layouts, integrate this with all my other nooks in the Interwebz... basically make this blog a little more... me.

On the plus side, this blog has its own auto-save and spell-check functionality, so yay!

Anyway, that's all for now.  If Tabulas is able to bring its server back up, I still might be posting from there (and cross-post to this, whatever), until I eventually decide which blog to keep and which blog to... well, bench, I guess.



  1. Keep-this-shhht na lang! Haha!

    1. Hahaha nainis na ako kasi lahat ng pangalan nakuha na eh! So whatevs na lang. :p

    2. Lol, nalito ako sa sarili kong comment. I meant, dito ka na lang sa Blogger, na ito na lang gawin mong main blog. Tinry ko lang ipattern sa napili mong URL. Hehe!

    3. HAHAHA ang witty mo kasi eh! :p

      Nalilito pa ako sa layout editing dito sa Blogger. Gusto ko itsura ng Dynamic View, pero gusto ko pa rin lagyan ng mga sariling widget tulad nung Twitter feed tsaka Flickr feed. Tsaka Tagboard. Tsaka Formspring hahaha LAHAT NA!!!

    4. Aaah, oo, pwede din naman yun. Yung akin, tingnan mo, may Tagboard din.

      It's just takes some getting used to. :) Welcome to Blogger! Haha!