March 25, 2013

Holy Week != Summer Vacation

The last thing I want to happen after writing this post is to be labelled an overzealous religious fanatic, because I am not.  I do not even consider myself religious.  I do not know any novena, nor did I memorize the list of canonized saints.  The last time I prayed the rosary was years ago (and that was even before the Luminous Mystery came into play), same goes for going to confession. I do not hold any special devotion to Mary, The Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Lorenzo Ruiz, or St. Pedro Calungsod. I do not consider myself religious, but I still value my Catholic faith.

As often as I can, I go to Mass every Sunday and I try to go to Mass on days of obligation. I do my best to follow traditions as required by a particular religious occasion. I also try to abide by the teachings of my Church, and at the same time be respectful of the beliefs of others even if they don't match my own.  And most important of all, I do my best to not be a hindrance to others' journey through faith.

Kaya hindi ko mapigilang malungkot tuwing nakakakita ako mg mga ganito.

OpenRice Philippines

"It's Holy Week! Ang Daming bawal kainin, pero I'm graving for crispy pata! Kayo? Share with us a photo of what you're craving for this Holy Week."

Source here.

Travel Factor

"Longest Weekend Ever! Check out Travel Factor's Holy Week Offerings!"

Source here.

I get that there are people who consider the Lenten holidays as the only opportunity for them to take a break from their stressful careers, and spend it on whatever R&R activity of their choosing.  Non-practicing Catholics outweigh the practicing ones nowadays; that's the reality and it would be foolish for me to deny it.

What affects me the most is how companies are exploiting the Lenten holidays by offering activities and services that blatantly contradict the solemnity of the season.  Lent is supposed to be a time for us to reflect upon our lives as Catholics, to come to terms with our own shortcomings, and to realize what changes we have to make in order to make our lives meaningful once again; worthy to offer to God. Metanoia.  But why is it that, instead of encouraging us to be in quiet communication with ourselves and with God, are these companies selling us these distractions, and even have the nerve to use the Holy Week as a marketing strategy??

If they want to use the long weekend to offer promos and special activities dahil 'yun ang pinaka-sulit na panahon for it, that's their prerogative.  After all, it's up to us to choose how we want to spend the Lenten holidays. But please, out of respect for the season, choose your words for advertisement differently.  Don't make it as if Holy Week is a prerequisite for trips, or a reason to pig out.  That's just not the reason for the season.

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