March 20, 2013

Looking Back at the Memories

"Maybe in the future we can look back and see how time has changed both you and me."

last Friday i had an opportunity to be reunited with my High School barkada.

...well, it was a reunion, at least for my part.

Click to view Picturepeej, one of my ka-barkadas, celebrated his 23rd (i hope i got his age right) birthday by having a dinner party at his house. the people who went there were mostly friends from De La Salle Zobel (my High School Alma Mater)... by the looks of it, it seems as if most of them have been seeing a lot of each other (paano ba naman, halos lahat naman sila taga-Alabang, eh di syempre madalas sila magkita sa Alabang Town Center or kung saan 'man); that's why i stated that the *reunion* was from my point of view.

Click to view Picturesee, i haven't been hanging out with the barkada (Barkadang Hogi Hall, as we fondly call ourselves) as often as i could. maybe because i've been busy at work, or maybe because i've been spending more time with my other group of friends (such as my UPLB friends or my office mates, or perhaps with Miko)... there may be a lot of reasons, but one thing holds true: i haven't been spending quality time with friends from the past. these people knew me when i was a kid. these people shared their lives with me while we can still afford to be carefree and without worries; while we can still afford to act how we feel without the fear of being ridiculed and judged (yes i know that most of the Embarrassing Moments come from high school experiences, but i can guarantee you that high school with them was different--we couldn't care less about stereotypes and high school shallowness, we just lived to learn and have fun). these people knew me before i was the jaded Iam that i am now.

that is why i owe them the privilege to see me all grown up.

Click to view Picturequite ironically (and surprisingly, i may say), we haven't changed that much. we were the same old makulit na barkada that we were before. sure, there are signs that time has passed for our barkada--some of us came from work, some of us came from school, some of us came with their girl/boyfriends, and almost all of us (well, save for me) came with the latest model of Nokia cell phones. pero hanggang doon lang 'yon. we still laughed at the same jokes and talked about the same things. our favorite subject of conversation was still our estranged ka-barkada and his loser antics (i know, we're mean. but what can we do, he's our source of fun! hehe). we still laugh at the silliest of things, and our interests are still pretty much related to each other. sure, adult topics are inserted here and there (i.e. medical school tidbits, politics, and sex), but really, we're all kids at heart.

Click to view Picturenot that we haven't matured or changed. we did, more that we'd like to confess. but i guess we didn't notice or much less cared, for we still enjoyed each others' company. the bonds of friendship that we've created years ago were still there, and these bonds are strong enough to withstand the test of time. truth be told, i expected to be somewhat out-of-place that evening, kasi nga matagal ko na silang hindi nakikita, and also because i've (admittedly) lost in touch with the Lasallian in me (i won't lie when i say that people from Zobel act totally different from people from UPLB), and yet to be at ease with them is surprising, even refreshing.

i can't wait to have another dose of quality time with them.

*more of last friday's pictures can be seen at Hogi's Photobucket Album.

Music of the Moment: Niors-Se's Looking Back at The Memories

Book of the Moment: GGW 1998-99 (Yearbook)


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    1. Nice, may mga snapshots nga doon. Is there a way to archive/download them?

    2. No idea. Copy-paste na lang or use wget. =p

    3. Yeah, brute force na nga lang ginawa ko hehe. Thanks! :)