December 31, 2013

Year-End Update I: To Do Entry ID 2013

With four hours to go before the year ends, I've come into terms that I will not be able to complete my To Do list for 2013.

BUT just to appease my defensive side, my reasons for not being able to cross out the remaining items in the list are as such:

  • #3 - Capture the Milky Way in a photo, viewing in Caliraya: It was already past the dry season when I realized that I was not able to do this; needless to say the number of typhoons that visited our country this year made it rather inconvenient to pursue this item.
  • #9 - Finish reading A Feast for Crows, so I can finally move on to A Dance with Dragons -- I THINK that I am now past the halfway mark, and judging from the thickness of the Appendix section (you know, the one with the genealogy), I think that I'm near the end sooner than expected. But I accept that I won't be able to finish the book because it is TOO DAMN BORING!!! Honestly, after the Red Wedding and Jeoffrey's bleep, the story is becoming a major snoozefest.
  • #10 - Either get Rosie (my dog) pregnant, or have her spayed -- Rosie has been getting this annoying tick infestation recently, and the vet doesn't want to do any surgery of her on account of her being pale because of the loss of blood. That, and I realized that my dog is already nearing ten years old, and that's pretty old in dog years even though she still looks like a puppy. Either options might be too risky for her already.

In fairness, I think I was able to cross out my more significant goals for this year. I can still continue my To Do next year, and probably add a few more items in the list. That's totally doable naman, diba?


To Do Type: CHKLST
Priority: 50
Assigned to: MPUGEDA

Okaaaay, I must stop this CC&B geekiness now.

I'm not really a resolutions type of gal, but I do enjoy listing down stuff I want to experience in the future.  Some of them might come true, some might not, but I believe that by saying (or writing) them down, the Universe might conspire to bring these things closer to reality.
  1. Strawberry picking in Benguet. - DONE
  2. Orange picking in Sagada. - DONE
  3. Capture the Milky Way in a photo, viewing in Caliraya.
  4. Watch 2PM in concert, IF they do come here. - DONE
  5. Super Junior din daw, I wanna watch them again. - DONE
  6. Tokyo, Japan. See Akihabara. Eat tonkotsu ramen and toro sashimi. DONE.
  7. Get a tattoo again. - DONE.
  8. Get hair highlights. Haven't tried that one. - DONE. My stylist in Piandre Alabang said that these particular highlights are called "Tie and Die Highlights"
  9. Finish reading A Feast for Crows, so I can finally move on to A Dance with Dragons.
  10. Either get Rosie (my dog) pregnant, or have her spayed.
I'll stop right there, lest my list gets expensive and/or stress-inducing.

Oh, and I just have to mention this: I wrote this post on my Google Nexus, hahaha! Who knew that smartphones can do more than microblog?!


  1. In fairness, you've been blogging more since you signed up her sa Blogger. =P

    1. Hahaha! More like, reblogging more. :p

      Pero ganun talaga, bago pa eh hahaha! Pero sana tuluy-tuloy na 'to. :)