March 19, 2013

WFH (Work From Home) + Mid-Shift Combo - It's Super Effective!

For the most part of the week, I'll be spending my work days at home. Not because I'm sick or anything, but because I'm currently on critical support phase (not sure if that's the official term, but the way I said it makes it sound so cool, 'no?), which means I have to shift my work hours to match the client's. (Segue: As a backgrounder to this post--and probably to future blogs posts pertaining to my so-called career--I work in the IT industry as a consultant. Erhm, WHATEVER).  My timezone is UTC +08:00, while the client's timezone is UTC +01:00.  So, instead of going to the office at 3PM and going home at 12AM, I opted to spend my mid-shift work hours at home.

Two days into this work routine, and I'd have to say that this is the best setup for an average drone in the corporate IT world i.e. moi. Here are my top five reasons (operative word is MY.  The opinions expressed in this post and any future posts are solely of my own and do not reflect the options of my peers and/or colleagues):
  1. You get to maximize your off-shift hours in doing *other* productive things. A shift that starts at 3PM means that you have the entire morning + part of the afternoon to do stuff like: go to the bank, restock your groceries, walk the dog, or start a new blog. Regular shift never gives you enough time in the morning to do your errands, and asa pa that it will give you enough time in the evening to do last-minute shopping before the stores close.  At least, in mid-shift, you can get actually get your shhht done before starting your work.
  2. Tipid mode to the max!!! Well, this would only be applicable if you still live with your parents.  Working from home means you do not need to spend gas or commute money to go to and from the office, and it also means that you need not spend on food. Just raid the fridge if you're hungry.  If you live on your own, perhaps to some degree this would also be applicable (perhaps not so much on the food part).
  3. Buhay baboy -- and no one will even notice. Working from home means that you aren't obliged to bathe yourself and make yourself up, even if "work" means you would spend most of your day in front of a computer with minimal person-to-person interaction (by person-to-person, I mean actual person and not via Facebook or Yahoo! or any other form of chatware).  Of course, how clean/dirty you are is totally up to you. Inasmuch as I want to spend the whole week without taking a bath, the weather here (sans A/C) is unbearable.  Sometimes I wish that I can work while submerged in a bathtub.
  4. No dress code! This one's a bit similar to the one above.  Working from home also means that you get to wear anything you want, assuming that your work has no video conferencing involved.  And by anything, I mean anything. Work in your PJs, work in your underwear, work in your birthday suit, work in your cosplay costume... whatever helps you finish that code.
  5. Mid-shift hours are a programmer's peak hours.  This would also depend on your body clock, I guess, but if you're the average programmer who's not really a morning person, the 3-to-12 shift is right smack in your in-the-zone zone. Not too early, not too late. Just right.
Of course, working from home in the mid-shift also has its disadvantages, especially if you're working in a country like the Philippines.  The mid-days are sauna-hot, and the Internet connection isn't as fast as the one you have in the office.  Still, complaints aside, this work schedule still feels right for me.  So I'd better make the most out of it, before it ends... or before I get a bit loony from being shunned from the outside world for too long. Sana ma-miss nyo ako hehehe.


  1. So pwede pala tayo magkita for lunch on days when I don't have class, hahaha! =D

    1. Yup, pero hanggang bukas na lang WFH ko eh! :|

  2. Sayang! Eh bukas may class ulit ako, hahaha!