May 01, 2013

I've Neglected this Blog Long Enough

Hardcore blogging may seem to be a dying medium versus micro-blogging.  With all the rage on Twitter, Tumblr, Plurk, Facebook, and what-else-is-there's, people can now give a snippet of their daily lives by answering the question, "What's on your mind?" 

For newbies, 140 characters (for Twitter, 420 characters for Facebook) may not be enough to fully express one's thoughts.  Fortunately, we humans are well-known for being adaptable, and in a short span of time we have mastered the art of suppressing our thought process just so we can broadcast to the world what we just had for dinner, or how many kilometers we were recently able to run.  Ain't that neat.

I got my first taste of micro-blogging through Plurk, and I really had a blast with it.  Not only was I able to instantly share stuff I found in the Net, I was also able to receive instant gratification from friends who respond to my posts.  But wait, there's more!!! Plurk also had this sassy way of ensuring that its patrons never get bored of micro-blogging: Karma.  Suddenly, petiks got promoted to being a social activity.

Enter Facebook, now the most widely-used social networking site, surpassing Friendster, MySpace and Multiply.  I was a bit of a late-bloomer to this site, having created an account just last year.  Facebook had no concept of Karma or any point system for that matter, but people are still able to instantly comment to your post, or even 'like' it and 'share' it to other friends.  News travels faster around Facebook.  Friends get reconnected here, as well.  And since Facebook also has its photo albums, old pictures start to resurface again, bringing back nostalgic memories every now and then.

Sure, we were all drawn into the flexibility of social networking, especially now that it also has the ease and convenience of micro-blogging.  Knowledge and information are literally at the fingertips of every user in the world.  Fame and influence can easily be attained by one click of the 'upload' button.

Look at the potential for greatness which can be found here in front of our screens.  Imagine how advanced our civilization could go, had the ancient philosophers and other great minds have given access to this technology.  And yet, why, WHY do I feel that we were given so much power, but we have no idea how to use it?

Cyber-bullying, black propaganda and all other actions of disparity would always accompany any hot issue circulating the Web these days.  We even have new connotations to the words 'fail', 'hater', 'troll', 'spoil', just to describe all sorts of wrong things seen in the Internet.  Not only that, apparently everyone now has an opinion about everything, AND IT IS ALWAYS THE NEGATIVE ONES THAT GET FAMOUS.  No wonder people are such ranters nowadays, because it is the rants that sell.

Why is it that, the more we progress, the more society regresses?  Are we fated to end up in a dystopia?

It seems that I am blaming social networking and micro-blogging for the downfall of our society, but not really.  As a means of communication and information exchange, they are effective.  Super effective, I daresay.  But as a means of interaction and self-expression, I think that they are rather detrimental to our humanity.  By adapting to this paradigm, we are effectively limiting our capability to be as eloquent and articulate as our used to be.  We, as a species, were given the gift of language.  Who else can form words, phrases and sentences, given a measly set of alphabet?  Who else can weave a tapestry of poetic masterpieces, given just 26 letters? And this is only the English language that I'm talking about.  What about the other languages in the world?

I think that, because of all this limiting, we are also limiting our opportunity to correctly express our thoughts, and consequently, our opportunity to be correctly understood.  This is why we end up angry.  This is why we end up depressed.  This is why we end up confused. This is why, sooner or later, we end up neglected.

And it is because of this that I choose to blog, hardcore, for the time being.  Yes, I will still be tempted to post a few one-liners on Facebook.  I will continue to tag myself on some of the pictures.  I may even throw a few rants here, and some more self-righteous opinions there.  But hopefully someday, I may learn once more not to limit my thoughts to 140-420 characters. And most of all, I must learn to post purposefully once again.

...judging from the length of this entry, it looks like either I'm starting to learn again, or I HAVE to learn again. Haha.

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