May 03, 2013

Hitback Hitback! The CDX Song

Fellow SPLers, sing with me if you remember this. :)

This one's gone viral during our pre-Oracle days, when we were still SPL, and CC&B was still called Cordaptix (CC&B v1.10?).

I think the song was inspired by one of Johnny Cash's songs, and was composed by the US counterparts.  Enjoy!

Download the song here.

I'm workin' on a project
I'm working night and day
I'm countin' down the hours 'til CIS goes away
Yeah, I'm workin' with Cordaptix
And time keeps draggin' on
The deadline is approachin'
We'll turn that little sucker on.

I started on a project
My boss, he said to me:
"This all would be so simple
if you'll just complete the V."
So now, I'm working with Cordaptix
My hairs' been turnin' gray
I'm too young to retire
I guess I'll have to stay.


I hated the old system
and all the things it lacked
be careful what you wish for
'coz there ain't no goin' back
because we're moving to Cordaptix
and with it rests our fate
I know the party's just beginnin'
my life will have to wait

Conversion is impossible
and Meter's hard to set
I've got two months' vacation due
that I ain't taken yet
because I'm workin' on Cordaptix
it eats up all my time
Yeah, it feels like Folsom prison
I didn't do no crime.



  1. thanks for share.

  2. Can you post this again? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    1. Hi Dan! I've updated the link. Hope that you are able to access it. :)