May 12, 2013

Tokyo, Japan 2013 (Day 7)

Sumo Morning

Yesterday burned quite a hole in our pockets, so we decided to take it easy for today. The weather was still cooperative, so we decided to check out our hostel's bulletin board for any free activities for that day.  Luckily, there was a free sumo wrestling tournament scheduled for that day, held in Yasukuni Shrine (near the Imperial Palace area). Supposedly, this event happens every year during April. Nice timing.

That is one HUGE Otorii.

Sumo wrestlers preparing themselves.  There's already a huge crowd by the time we arrived,
so we weren't able to get "good" seats.


Paparazzi shot of the wrestlers waiting for their turn.

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Tokyo Tower/ Zojoji Temple

The sun was getting a bit too hot as we were watching, so we decided to head on to the next item in our itinerary.  The weather was pretty fair that morning, so we thought that it would be a good time to go up the Tokyo Tower.

By any means, this isn't the tallest structure in Tokyo, but I think this is one of the iconic landmarks of the city. It looks like an orange Eiffel Tower, and there are two viewing decks to visit.


We only went to the lower of the two viewing decks, just because mas mura siya.

IMG_7647 IMG_7648

IMG_7652 IMG_7654
On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji at the distance.  Unfortunately it was too hazy that day.

The Rainbow Bridge; where we're heading for that afternoon.

Supposedly, this baseball-looking thing was found on top of the Tokyo Tower.

Stepping on the glass of the Lookdown Window was one of the scariest things I did , ever.

*shudder* Not for those who are queasy about heights.

Hours: 9:00 to 22:00 (entry until 21:45 to main observatory, until 21:30 to special observatory)

Closed: No closing days

Admission: 820 yen (to main observatory only), 1420 yen (to special observatory)

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Near Tokyo Tower is the Zojoji Temple, for those who practice Buddhism. We already had our fill of temples and shrines during our trip to Kyoto some two years ago, but it wouldn't hurt to spend some time on one more.


I was trying to capture the falling cherry blossoms, as there were so many of them.


When we got to the temple grounds, there were some groups lining up to take
some sort of class/group picture.



Ohai, Odaiba!

The train to Odaiba perhaps the most expensive charge incured, this being the farthest we've gone from the city center.  The area is basically a reclaimed land by Tokyo Bay, very close to Tokyo Disneyland.

Here you can find all sorts of Japanese oddities, and more shopping malls as well.

Scenes from the train... what seems to be a pirate ship mast...

..the Rainbow Bridge...

...and a huge Ferris Wheel.

IMG_7723 IMG_7724
Life-sized Gundam robot, complete with head-turning, steam-venting action.
Video capture below.

They even got their own Statue of Liberty!

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P.S. I am your Father

On the way home, we always come across this doll shop that has this Star Wars themed shogun dolls as window display. It was really awesome, and no doubt expensive.




Astig, 'no?

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