May 15, 2013

Tokyo, Japan 2013 (Day 8)

Skytree from Below

Tokyo Skytree is another observation tower, much higher than the Tokyo Tower and significantly newer--it just opened last year.  However, it was waaaay too foggy that time so we didn't went up the observation deck.  Good thing, too, since the ticket price is exaggerately high for our liking.

We just hung around the mall area to do window shopping, and also had a late lunch at the food court, where we had our first taste of the famous Ippudon Ramen.



Apologies, I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures of the area.
I wasn't able to whip out my camera as often as I should because of the weather.

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CPS Mini-Reunion, Sukiyaki Style

Towards the evening, we headed on to the Asakusa Station to meet with my orgmates for dinner. Initially, I was planning to meet with only one sis, who is currently living south of Tokyo with her family. While planning the meetup, she mentioned that another one of our sisses is also in Tokyo for her onsite assignment. Turns out that my other sis has two other orgmates who are her officemates, also in Tokyo for onsite assignment.  Talk about that! So what started as a dinner meetup for two sisses turned out to be a mini-reunion of four orgmates, with their plus one's.  Too bad that my sis who I originally planned with had to back out because of a family emergency.  I do hope that there is a next time.

Since we already have quite a group going on here, we decided to go for all-you-can-eat sukiyaki somewhere in the Asakusa area.  But first we hung around the souvenir shops and inside Senso-ji Temple, but weren't able to do much because of the rain.

With Astin and Dan.

Magpausok daw para tumapang--este, para dalawin ng swerte.

Too bad, the iconic giant lantern was folded upwards during that rainy day.

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Choose-you-own-vegetables. Apparently, the taste of the broth will depend on the veggies you put in.


Group picture while waiting for the broth to boil.

Gorgeous meat.  We ordered mostly beef and pork for our sukiyaki.

Half-and-half broth: shabu-shabu to the left and sukiyaki to the right.

May nagugutom na sa kakahintay hehe.

Rocky and Oyie. Hindi ko na naabutan si Oyie sa eLBi, nice meeting you sis!

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