June 09, 2013

WTFs of Filipino Culture Part II-ish

(Blogger's Note: I was debating on whether to use THAT *points to title* title, or THIS--The One Where I was a Tour Guide For A Day--but then looking at my blog stats, it seems that Part I was well-received by readers, so...)

Yesterday I did a favor for my sister, who asked me to tour one of her friends from Hong Kong. Her friend is Taiwanese, who has been living in Hong Kong for the last four years (I think). She is here in Manila for a two-week business trip, and yesterday she brought along another colleague who is Indian, currently working for the same company in one of their branches in India.

The weather was a bit tricky that time, with forecasts of thunderstorms brought about by then Tropical Depression 'Dante'. My boyfriend and I were a bit worried about the weather, since our plan was to bring our guests to Tagaytay for food trip and volcano viewing. We still went through with the plan, and despite of a VERY foggy morning (as in the fog was already creeping on our feet!) accompanied by a short burst of rain, we were still able to get a glimpse of the volcano while we were having lunch at Leslie's (our guests enjoyed the bulalo and the laing). We even had time for coffee at Bag of Beans, a bit of shopping in Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm, and some Jollibee Chicken Joy for dinner. All in all I think it was a successful tourist-y activity.

Pictures shared by our Taiwanese guest (except the one with the Chicken Joy, that was my boyfriend's)

June 03, 2013

YT Videos: These Go Straight to My Blog

To be honest, there's only one YouTube video that I really, really want to feature here in this post, because 1) I'm a sucker for short films, and 2) I'm a sucker for Benedict Cumberbatch. Pero sige, share first and then explain later.

About the video: A short film starring Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC's Sherlock, Star Trek) and Nathalie Press (Red Road, My Summer of Love) 
When young dad, Joe, discovers he's dying, drifter Charlie is given a unique opportunity to turn his life around. A story of family, identity and starting again.
I've been a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch ever since I first saw him in Sherlock, and since then I've been discovering more and more how brilliant and versatile he is as an actor. Setting aside his good looks (the cheekbones /drool) and his exquisite voice (his voiceovers for the Jaguar commercials make my ovaries explode), what drew me to him is his ability to own the characters given to him. He was able to portray Stephen Hawking, Sherlock Holmes, Khan Noonien Singh, and a lot more I have yet to discover, but somehow I can't typecast him into one particular role i.e. what is his best genre. Seeing him here in this short film just reaffirms his prowess in acting.