August 03, 2013

Wedding Preparation Chronicles: Baptismal Certificate Validity

Writing this on the fly after finally booking a church for the wedding. Up to this point we've been pretty much DIY, browsing websites and attending wedding fairs, as well as asking married couples for suggestions and advice.

However, those measures only took care of the "suppliers" part of the wedding. We weren't able to gather enough information on the unromantic part of wedding preparations: document requirements, interview schedules, logistics, payments, payments, and more payments.

Our first "lesson learned" experience in this wedding preparation pertains to the application of the certificates we are supposed to submit when booking a church. The pamphlet that was given to us said that the reservation deposit must be made together with a baptismal certificate issued not later than six (6) months before the wedding. Thinking that we have to present the certificate by the time we book the church, we went on to get our respective baptismal certificates--reaching back as far as Pangasinan.

Little did we know that the church only accepts baptismal certificates issued AT MOST six months before the ceremony. Wow, nageexpire?

Since our wedding is scheduled for next year pa, we can't submit the certificates today (however we are allowed to book/reserve the date and time without submitting the certificates). What's more hassle is that we have to request for new baptismal certificates on December. And that we have to surrender the "expired" certificates because we are only allowed to have one baptismal certificate for marriage purposes. That's 75 PhP down the drain for me, not to mention the effort we had to go through to find the parish where I was baptized.

So there. Lesson learned #1: Make sure to confirm the validity of the documents you need to produce as part of your wedding preparations.

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