December 31, 2013

Year-End Update III: 2013 in Pictures (mostly of my face)

And now, for the visual part of my year-end report. Most of the pictures here aren't artistic enough to be featured in my photoblog, and since Facebook has the tendency to over... words fail me... make tabon the past entries, might as well put some of the more significant photos of 2013 here in my blog. While I'm still masipag enough to blog.


Started the year with a walking tour of Luneta with my two best friends. The tour guide was Carlos Celdran, which I was only able to experience that one time. The touring group was HUGE, but we were still able to absorb a bit of the knowledge he imparted to us (I think).


First major happening for that month was Paramore's return concert. It was actually a last-minute decision, and we didn't purchase seats close to the stage. But I was able to *smuggle* in my DSLR's zoom lens, so I was able to get close-ish photos.

Next was the Baguio-La Trinidad weekend trip, where I was able to experience strawberry picking for the first time. I swear, freshly-picked strawberries taste the best.



That month was 2PM's first concert here in the Philippines. Initially, our seats were the same as Paramore's concert, but for some reason not all tickets were sold, so we were ushered into a closer section. That, plus my smuggled zoom lens =  BAM! Close shots. I swear, some shots look like they were actually looking straight at my camera. Heee~


At the start of the month, Ge and I went for an out-of-the-country trip to Japan. We've been wanting to see cherry blossoms in real life, and during our first Japan trip we were a bit too early. Good thing that this time, we were right on time.


During our trip to Japan, we were also able to meet up with friends... some are also in the country for the holidays, others were living/ working there.


I piggybacked with Ge's family trip to Hong Kong, to visit my sister. Unfortunately, she wasn't on leave during most of my stay so I just went with Ge's family for the tourist activities. It was my first time visiting Ngong Ping 360, where I experienced their Crystal Cabin cable car ride. Na-challenge ang acrophobia ko.



This was the month when my family *formally* met Ge's family via the pamamanhikan tradition. No, there wasn't offerings of livestock nor chopping of wood. It was just a simple family gathering.


It's been years since my last visit to Sagada, but not much has changed.  It was my first time, though, to take a picture with the local Igorot and to do some orange-picking in a local farm.




Concert time!!! Super Junior's third time in the Philippines. By this time I've mastered the art of smuggling in my zoom lens... more or less.


'Tis the month of reunions. Good time, good fun, good friends.

[12-28-2013] SPL/ Oracle Dinner Reunion

[12-28-2013] SPL/ Oracle Dinner Reunion

Cheers to the new year ahead!

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