July 14, 2015

Social Media Lesson 1: Know When to NOT Give a Fuck

I was really sad yesterday, because of all that online drama last weekend. Today, I woke up feeling better; nothing that time, food, rest, and narcotic cold medicine can't fix.

I was doing well for a while; just minding my own business. That is, until I saw the guy behind me not keeping right on the escalator. No one was standing behind me, so he could've easily scooted to the right so that other commuters could pass by freely. BUT NO. He maintained his position throughout the escalator ride, while the poor commuters who were in a hurry had no choice but to weave their way around the guy. What a hassle.

My first instinct was to tell the guy off; confront him; discipline him. Each second that I was not able to rectify the situation made my blood boil and my emotions swell up again. I felt that I had a responsibility to ensure that people were in order.

But do I, really?

In the midst of all my fuming I suddenly realized that the reason why I was always on the offensive all the time; why I was being so reactive, is because I let things affect me even if they don't directly relate to me at all. Why should I be bothered by that guy who doesn't give way properly, when I'm not the one in a hurry? Why should I be affected by people who illegally park and then get angry when authorities amp up the towing policy, when I don't even own a car? Why should I give a fuck, when it's not my turn to give a fuck???

(Yes, I know I'm quoting a movie but I'm not sure what it is.)

Social media has its shares of rants and raves, and each time I read a rant I unconsciously make it my mission to make the world a "better" place in my own little way. May it be by re-posting the rant, sharing my own thoughts about the rant, or even going out my way to the *real* world and try to fix people, one at a time. Sometimes these little things work, but most of the times things blow up in my face. Ako daw ang nega. My nasty comments aren't really helping. I'm being too harsh. I don't have anything good to say, so I should just shut up.

Sinusubukan ko na nga tumulong, pero ako pa ang napapasama.

Nakakapagod din, but the truth is I don't have to do anything about those rants. I don't NEED to do anything. I must see it as it is: those are not my problems. 'Wag na akong mangealam.

I must admit that I'm still coming into terms with this new mindset; I've always considered myself as an idealist and I just HATE it when things aren't going the way it should be. But I must learn to get out of my head and see the world as it is--it may be disappointing because it isn't how I want it to be, but I have to accept it because that's reality.

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