July 13, 2015

The Prodigal Blogger

For the past two years I've been blogging on Blogger, mainly because I've got a Google account and I wanted to maximize its potential. Mostly re-blogs from previous blogs, the content. It wasn't that as productive as I expected, as things got busy and I was not able to update as often as I should... as often as I want.

And now, I'm undergoing a purging spree, sadly not my first. Social media hasn't been good to me lately, and I wasn't behaving like a model netizen, either. I've been using social media to air out my rantings, and you know how nasty those things can get. As you know, I'm not good at editing myself when I'm on the highest of emotions. Add to that the power of instant publication, and BOOM. Hating and trolling ensues.

Right now I've deactivated my Twitter account. If I am able to contain myself from logging in for a month, supposedly the account will be deleted permanently. I've also started uninstalling some of the social media apps from my phone, to further prevent myself from idling to the dark side again.

I've also unlinked my Facebook account to all third-party apps AND logged off on all my devices. I'd want to delete my account as well, if not for Messenger. Some of my contancts I can only reach out through Facebook.

As I'm slowly cutting all my ties and integrated apps, I return to this portal... this being the only isolated part of my web where I can reflect in peace.

There are still some accounts I would want to retain, mostly those that only involve uploading pictures (Instagram, Flickr) as I still want to practice photography. But as for thoughts, reflections, and opinions, I think it would be wiser to keep to this corner and to stay silent for a while. By saying less today, I will gain more.

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