October 01, 2015

#SupportLokalPH: Simoy ng Haraya

Recently, I've been discovering a number of local (i.e. Filipino) independent businesses. Some of them I've discovered online (on Facebook or on Instagram), others in bazaars. I realize how challenging it is for them to compete with the global market--just look at the shops in our malls and you'll see that most of the brands are from foreign companies ("local" businesses are usually re-sellers na lang)--so in my own little way, I would like to help promote their brand by featuring some of my favorite purchases in this blog.

Simoy ng Haraya

Pabango | Pambahay | Aromaterapia

(Online Shop: http://www.simoyngharaya.com/default.asp
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/simoyngharaya/)

Simoy ng Haraya is another discovery from my Common Room experience last weekend. This was an accidental find, actually. I was initially attracted to the essential oils displayed on the shelf below the perfumes (as seen in Common Room's Instagram picture below. Simoy ng Haraya perfumes are on the third shelf, while the essential oils are on the shelf below, I think), when the unique Tagalog perfume names caught my eye.

The online shop provides detail descriptions of each perfume scent to give an idea of how they smell like:
  • Alaala - This unforgettable scent leaves an olive fruity fragrance to remember you by.
  • Sulyap - Steal some glances with this fragrant mix of marjoram, thyme, and musk.
  • Tiwala - Trust this fragrance to please with its fruity, green and floral notes.
  • Unang Halik - A tantalizing scent that covers you in sweet vanilla kisses.
  • Dalisay - This floral scent evokes purity -- a soft blend of freesia, jasmine and rose with a touch of light musk. It’s an olfactory return to innocence.
  • Yakap - Wrap yourself in the embrace of this clean, fresh, powdery soft scent. Wear it like a pure cotton dress on a breezy day.
  • Kilig - Get giddy over the refreshing scent of lemon verbena.
  • Lambing - Show your affection by having this optimistic, flowery scent of lily of the valley, bulrush, tea rose and cinnamon leaves mixed with Tanaka wood, musk and cedar.
  • Umaga - Greet each day with a light fragrance of garden fresh tomatoes. Airy and herbaceous, it’s the perfect start to a perfect day.

I'm glad that Common Room provides testers for each scent, so I was able to test which of the fragrances complement my personality and my skin.

My personal favorites were Yakap and Lambing. Yakap has a clean scent, akin to fresh laundry (one of my favorite scents--I LOVE laundry day), and Lambing reminds me of pheromones, which I can only describe as that scent of a person you're attracted to wherein s/he smells good even without putting any fragrance on. Of the two, Lambing won.

350 PhP for 30ml, plus 60 PhP Delivery Fee.
Behind the bottle are magazine pages used as padding. Eco-friendly!

Because I wanted to test the longevity of the perfume, I put off buying the item in Common Room. A good choice for me, because I discovered that the in-store item (550 PhP) was more expensive than the online item (410 PhP). A 140 PhP difference is quite significant, mind you. Still, it was nice that I got to test out the fragrances before choosing which one to buy.

Lala de Leon, creator of the scents, personally contacted me via email throughout the transaction. She was very friendly and easy to talk to, and she responds quickly to inquiry. Point for improvement, though, is that status updates of the order (i.e. shipment, delivery, tracking information, etc) aren't as prompt as expected. I needed to follow up on these myself, so much so that the item has already been delivered without me knowing it!

Overall, I'm happy with this purchase. This being perfume, I know that the scent is potent enough for one spritz to last the day, but the fragrance is subtle enough not to overpower the nostrils of people standing near me. I would use this as a date perfume, a special occasions perfume, or anytime I want to smell pretty.

Other references: Simoy ng Haraya was featured in this web article, so you may also check it out if you want to explore other local artisan scents. This article focuses more on room fragrances rather than personal/body scents, though. Still, if it helps boost local business, I think it's worth exploring!

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