March 04, 2016

New Blog Design!

Lately I've been having difficulty incorporating pictures into my blog posts. I can't seem to find the right image size to complement the text; an image size that is not too large as to overwhelm the page, but not too small as to leave an awkward chunk of negative space.

Because of this, I started to hate the overall aesthetic of my blog page, from the color scheme to the font choice.  I want a blog makeover!!!

Alas, my web design skills are too rusty for practice, so I resorted to tweaking Blogger's ready-made template designs instead. My only "hard-core" customization was on the Description *points to the top of the page*; with a little CSS magic I was able to use my own handwriting for that text (yes, that's how my handwriting looks [on a good day]). I increased the width of the main area as well, so that I can post larger-sized images without making them spill out of the border.

I'm too tamad (for now) to adjust the image sizes of my past posts, so my apologies for the potentially awkward viewing experience when you backread my entries.

Ho, hum... that's all I have to say, I guess. Back to regular programming.

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