November 30, 2016

#SupportLokalPH: Little Black Box (Boxes 2 to 12)

Update: This blog entry will only feature boxes until January 2017.

I've decided to create this blog post so I can document the rest of my Little Black Box subscription boxes. I signed up for LBB's 12-month plan, and I think it would help their cause if I am able to inspire some of the readers to purchase their own boxes. Hopefully, I will be able to do so, as I share pictures and some thoughts about the boxes I received.

Boxes are featured in descending order.

January 2017 Box

Alas! This will be the last box that I will feature in this blog, as I cannot accommodate new jewelry anymore (I blame the Konmari effect). I have transferred my remaining boxes to my friend Hogi, but I'm not sure if she will be featuring the rest of the boxes in her blog or in her other social media outlets. I've enjoyed all the amazing accessories I've received thus far, and needless to say, I'm pretty sure that the remainder of my subscription is in good hands.

The January LBB featured a simple necklace-and-bracelet set. Gold bars were the main focus of this month's accessories, with no additional markings whatsoever.

While I love the simplicity of this month's design, I was a bit underwhelmed because I was expecting at least two necklaces that can be layered on top of each other. I've noticed that these past few months, LBB has not been consistent in procuring layered necklace designs in their subscription boxes, which is quite disappointing because that is the main reason why I subscribed to their service.

Hopefully next month they can do better with their designs, even though I won't be getting a box anymore. Best of luck!

December 2016 Box

If I've read LBB's Instagram post correctly, this month's box is a collaboration with another local online store, Mineral Manila. Mineral Manila sells gemstone jewelry, and is also available in CommonThread Powerplant Mall and Greenbelt 5. 

The December 2016 Box features a set of matching necklace and bracelet.

I'm not sure what gemstone I got in my box, and if it is real or synthetic. Nevertheless, I liked the minimalist appeal of the jewelry set I got, as it is simple enough for daily use yet classy enough for dress-up days.

So far, this is my favorite box among the ones I got. :)

November 2016 Box

This month's box came with a long necklace and bracelet.

The November 2016 Box is a bit of a throwback for me, as I recall wearing similar tooth-shaped pendants during my high school days. The material of the necklace pendant is quite shiny, giving it an edgy impression.


The bracelet that came with the box is a simple gold chain bracelet, with a chain pattern I've never had in my previous boxes. Nice to know that I have more bracelet options to choose from.

October 2016 Box

My October 2016 box came with two necklaces and a bracelet that matches one of the necklace

This is the second box that came with a bracelet. The necklace with the black pendant, I feel, can be layered with the blue pendant necklace that I got in my July 2016 box.

Compared to last month's box, this was more minimalist, and less dressy. I like that they are changing things up every month.


LBB boxes are starting to pile up my drawer. Necklaces from my previous boxes have not shown any corrosion or brassiness, so far, as I've kept them individually sealed in little zip-lock pouches.

September 2016 Box

This month's box only has two chains, one of which has two pendants

My September box came with sparkly pendants: one is a pair of dainty circle/ donut pendants through a thin gold chain; the other is a padlock pendant on a slightly thicker chain.

I don't know what is the correct term for this pendant, but it looks like a donut to me

The necklace with the pair of circle/ donut pendants cannot be interchanged with other pendants, in fact the hole part is quite tiny that I'm having a hard time adjusting the position of the pendants. I hope that I'm not scratching the coating of the necklaces with my attempts to put the pendants in a more symmetrical location in the chains.

The padlock pendant isn't that big, but still a bit too flashy for me

On the other hand, the necklace with the padlock pendant can be interchanged with other pendants.  Buti na lang, as I feel that I'm too old to be wearing fancy-looking pendants. The tita in me is looking for more classic and minimalist pieces.

And for the second time, the courier was late in delivering the box. The box was supposed to arrive on the 24th of August, but the actual delivery date was on the 30th. That's almost one week delayed! LBB, you better do something about it.

August 2016 Box

In this month's box: two chains, two pendants, and a bracelet

This is the first time I was able to receive a bracelet in my box. The bracelet has an adjustable length, which makes me think that I can also use this as an anklet.

The box has an exotic, bohemian theme, with turquoise and stained glass accents, and gold with intricate details. A last hurrah for summer, perhaps?

Delivery came in relatively on time today; the 24th was a weekend so I got the box today.

This box, I think, is less girly than the previous ones, so I think that I can use the pieces with my more casual clothes. Looking forward to wearing the bracelet everyday, too.

July 2016 Box

The day after I published my first LBB review, I got an email from them, informing me that they were able to read my blog. They've acknowledged my comments and took note on my preferences, saying that they'll be considering this on my succeeding boxes.

And I must say, they did a good job curating my second box. I can see myself wearing these necklaces everyday (at least, until I get my next subscription box haha).

This month's box contains two dainty chains: the first one has a dainty gold bar,
and the second one has two pendants: a small round royal blue drusy and a dainty quartz 

Last month's LBB is a bit too statement-y for me, so I'm glad that I got daintier pieces this month. What's also cool is that the chains I got this month are different from the ones I got last month, which means that I can still go back to my older pieces and mix-and-match them as I please.

My favorite pendant for this month would have to be the drusy, I love how the bright color complements the dainty design

The only setback I will report is that the package got delayed by one business day. I was supposed to get the package last Friday (as LBB boxes should be delivered on or before the 24th of each month), but I had to follow-up on them to check the status of my delivery. Other than that, I 'm quite happy with my box for this month. Yay!

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