July 18, 2016

#SupportLokalPH: Sikat Salted Egg Potato Chips

Recently, I've been discovering a number of local (i.e. Filipino) independent businesses. Some of them I've discovered online (on Facebook or on Instagram), others in bazaars. I realize how challenging it is for them to compete with the global market--just look at the shops in our malls and you'll see that most of the brands are from foreign companies ("local" businesses are usually re-sellers na lang)--so in my own little way, I would like to help promote their brand by featuring some of my favorite purchases in this blog.

Sikat Salted Egg Potato Chips

Freshly made. Thin, crispy and tasty!

(Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sikatpotatochips/)

My first experience of salted egg chips was when an officemate of mine brought back some salted egg fish skins from Singapore. The snack was actually simple: toasted fish skins topped with salty-savory powder flavoring. Being an umami fan myself, I immediately loved the snack and would look forward to that particular pasalubong from people travelling back from Singapore.

Imagine my glee when I got news that salted egg snacks are now being sold locally. Goodbye, diet.

Left: Spicy Flavor (P280)
Right: Original (P280)
Prices above are exclusive of  Delivery Fee.

Sikat is actually just one of the local sellers of salted egg potato chips here in the Philippines; there are a few more that I've encountered while browsing through Instagram. This was, however, the first brand that I am able to taste, thanks to said officemate who informed me that she was going to order some jars and if I'd like to course some orders through her. Why of course, I would!

The local sellers I've seen in Instagram only sell the potato chip variety of the salted egg flavor; I'm not sure why they haven't add fish skins yet. No complaints about the taste and crispiness of Sikat's chips, though.

Of their two varieties, I prefer the Spicy flavor because I find that it has more "kick" than the Original. Honestly, I didn't taste any anghang at all, but what ever they added to this variety intensified the flavor a bit more than the Original. Me likey.

Bonus! Curry leaves! I LOVE THESE STUFF!

This salted egg trend is still on the rise, so expect a bit of delays in your inquiries and orders. But once you are able to make contact with Sikat (and get confirmation that they still have stocks left), better grab the opportunity and order a jar or two for yourself. You won't regret it!

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