October 01, 2016

Fukuoka, Japan Part II: Shopping and Dining

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Shopping arcade in Tenjin area

As we've pretty much exhausted all the sights we wanted to see in and around Fukuoka, we spent the next days exploring the shopping malls and the restaurants in the city center.

Day 4: Morning - Outlet Shopping; Afternoon - Sunday Mass; Evening - A huge mall

Marinoa City

As with any city around the world, outlet stores are usually located at the outskirts of the city center. Fukuoka is of no exception. There are two outlet stores to explore; we chose the nearer one as we needed to go back to the city in time for Sunday Mass.

Marinoa City is around 45 minutes away from Tenjin Station, by bus

Most of the outlet stores in Marinoa City sell local brands, save for one sports outlet that sell familiar brands like Nike and Adidas. Even though we weren't familiar with some of the brands being sold here, we were still able to get sweet deals, as some of the shops have tax-free incentives, as well as special discounts for foreign passport holders.

Cathedral of Our Lady of Victory (Daimyomachi Church)

We were only able to find one Catholic Church in Fukuoka that celebrates Sunday Mass in English, with an extra challenge of only one English Mass scheduled on that day.

Daimyomachi Church has a website, but fully written in Japanese

The church is about a 10-minute walk from Tenjin Station, and the Sunday English Mass is celebrated at 4:00 PM.


Canal City

WORD OF CAUTION: Unlike Tokyo, establishments in Fukuoka close shop as early as 9:00 PM. There are some franchises from Tokyo that extend a little later, like Yodobashi Camera, which closes at 10:00 PM, or Don Quijote, which closes at 12 midnight. Restaurants stay open a little later than that, but usually by 2:00 AM all shops are closed. The last trains in local railway and subways depart at just before 12:00 AM.

Canal City stores are open from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM, while its restaurants are open from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Canal City is arguably the biggest mall in downtown Fukuoka, just walking distance from the Hakata Station. It has six floors (B1 to 5th floor), with five adjacent buildings (Grand Building, North Building, Center Walk, Business Center Building, South Building). Along with local brands (along with the familiar ones like Muji and Uniqlo), Canal City also carries international brands like H&M, Zara, The Gap, and Adidas.

Day 5: Motsunabe for Breakfast, Hakata Gyoza for Merienda, Yatai Stall for Dinner

Our last full day in Japan was spent alternating between food establishments to try and department stores to explore.


Showraku is located at SOLARIA STAGE Building B2, 2-11-3, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 810-0001

Motsunabe is one of the recommended dishes to try in Fukuoka. A hotpot of broth, beef intestine, burdock, cabbage, leek, and garlic is served in a set meal, wherein a basic set includes side dish, rice, salad, spiced pollock roe, and pickles.

Next-level set meals include vinegar chicken skin, horse meat sashimi, and Champon noodles (to be added to the hotpot after original ingredients are consumed.

Showraku also serves mentaiko, or marinated cod roe, another recommended dish to try in Fukuoka.


Basic Motsunabe Set + Mentaiko: 2,020 JPY


Temujin is located at 10th Floor JR Hakata City (Hakata Station)

Another dish to try in Fukuoka are the Hakata-style gyoza. These bite-sized dumplings are available in different varieties, the "classic" variety being the baked dumplings. Each order comes with 10 bite-sized gyoza.


One order of baked Hakata-style gyoza: 519 JPY

Yatai (Food Stalls)


Eating at a Fukuoka food stall is a recommended foodie experience, not because of the food, but because of the communal experience that allows you to get closer to the locals.

However, because most stalls do not have an English menu, stall owners can easily trick foreign tourists to order the pricey side of their food selection. In our experience, the stall owners suggested that we order one set of assorted yakitori and one set of assorted oden. Since we are open to trying out their food, we accepted the suggestion, and even ordered a bowl or ramen. The Japanese menu in their stall showed that one ramen costs 700 JPY, so we assumed that the yakitori set and the oden set were priced the same. Lo and behold, when we got our bill, it was a whopping 4,600 JPY!!! We had no choice but to pay for our food (we ate it all), but in hindsight we realized that the "set" they sold us might not have been a set at all, but individually priced sticks.

Note to selves, next time, confirm the prices of each item before ordering.  

Yakitori Set of 6--I think this is the reason why our bill was so expensive


Yakitori Set + Oden Set + Ramen: 4,600 JPY

Day 6: Hakata Coin Lockers and Budget Steak Lunch

We were to travel back to Manila on this day, but since our flight is scheduled in the evening, we decided to explore downtown Fukuoka one last time. As it would be counter-productive to leave all our luggage in our Airbnb apartment and then go back for it when we leave for the airport, we brought all our luggage to the Hakata Station and stored them in the coin lockers before exploring the city.

Coin Lockers: 600 JPY

Center River

We wanted to have our lunch at a proper steak restaurant in order to taste Fukuoka's version of Kobe beef, but we weren't able to make reservations and our target steak restaurant wasn't taking walk-ins during lunchtime. So we headed back to SOLARIA STAGE in Tenjin to see if there are any restaurants serving steak lunch sets.

Center River is primarily a hamburger steak place, but their lunch menu also includes three types of steak meal: young steak, sirloin steak, and hire steak. As condiment to the sizzling plates, there are three type of sauces to choose from: original sauce (steak gravy), plum meat sauce, and garlic soy sauce.

Each set meal comes with sides of baked potato, sauteed vegetables, and corn kernels.

Young Steak Set. Even the simplest steak meal is made of excellent quality beef

Young Steak Set: 1,383 JPY

There you have it! Our five day trip to the quaint provincial city of Fukuoka. Hopefully these entries inspire you to travel to Japan, and discover other places outside of Tokyo and Osaka.

Summary of Costs (Days 4 - 6):

Japanese Yen (JPY)

  • Showraku: 2,020
  • Temujin: 519
  • Yatai: 4,600
  • Coin Locker: 600
  • Young Steak Set: 1,383
Total: 9,122 JPY (approximately 4,356.62 PHP)

** Computation above does not include transportation to and from the locations mentioned.

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