October 05, 2016

Pregnancy Journal: Financial Benefits from the Government

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Listed below are some benefits that you can avail from the government, to help ease your financial worries during pregnancy:

SSS Benefits for Female Members

Female SSS members with at least three (3) monthly contributions within the twelve (12)-month period immediately preceding the semester delivery date or miscarriage are qualified for maternity benefits that include allowance (amount is based on contribution) and leave (60 days for normal delivery/ miscarriage, 78 days for c-section). This is only for the first four pregnancies (including miscarriage).

At the beginning of the pregnancy, notify SSS that you are "officially" with child. Download the Maternity Notification Form, include your ultrasound result, and submit to your employer at least 60 days from the date of conception but not later than the date of  delivery/miscarriage/procedure.

To claim the maternity benefit and the maternity leave, submit the following on or after the delivery procedure:
  1. For miscarriage: Obstetrical History Form, duly accomplished by the attending doctor and a certified true copy of the operating room record/ surgical memorandum indicating the procedure
  2. For normal or caesarean delivery: certified true copy of the child's birth certificate.
  3. For stillborn: certified true copy of the child's [fetal] death certificate.
  4. Additional requirements for employed members:
    • SSS Digitized ID (or UMID) or E-6 acknowledgement stub with two valid IDs, one of which with recent photo (photocopy and original). After presenting the IDs to SSS, they will be returned to you
    • A copy of the payslip that includes the SSS Maternity Benefit that was credited to your 
    • Duly accomplished SSS Form MAT-2 (i.e. Maternity Reimbursement Form)

PhilHealth Benefits

PhilHealth members may reimburse part of their hospital bill (this includes miscarriage). There are at least three forms to accomplish:
  1. Claimant Form No. 1 needs to be accomplished in advance. For employed members, the employer (thru HR) will need to provide some information in this form. Guidelines for accomplishing the form can be read here.
  2. For employed members, you also need to submit a Certificate of Contribution. The employer (thru HR or Payroll) will be providing this information based on a prescribed format from PhilHealth.
  3. Member Data Record or PhilHealth ID. Member Data Record can be applied online, but if you already have your PhilHealth ID, this is no longer needed. 

Additional Resources:

Since government websites tend to be slow and prone to time-out issues (SSS and PhilHealth are of no exception), here are other blogs to check out:
  • SSS Philippines Notes has a comprehensive list of requirements for maternity benefits, for Miscarriage, Normal Delivery, Caesarean Delivery, and even if the child was born abroad..
  • Unsullied Perspective is the most comprehensive blog post I am able to find regarding benefit filing.
In any case there are still unanswered questions as to what and how, Google is your friend.

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