March 25, 2017

Prayers and Predestination

I've been watching this new Crash Course series in YouTube, containing lessons about philosophy. One of its earlier lessons is about the philosophy of God, and how Catholic/ Christian philosophers see God as omniscient, omnipotent, and omni... ...omni-awesome. Then, the lesson further progressed to describe those who argue against this notion, saying that if God is all that, then He must know the result of whatever it is you've been praying for, thus the whole exercise of asking something from God is pointless.

2017-01-03 02.04.12 1

This made me think for a while. Whenever I pray, it would usually be so that I can ask God for something--may it be for good weather, a safe trip, something to not happen, or for a particular milestone to happen (i.e. get pregnant). If it happens, I would thank God for answering my prayers. But if not, I pray again for it to happen "soon" or "next time." But if the naysayers are true, then my prayers have nothing to do with what I want and whether or not I will get it. So, am I doing it wrong? Am I praying incorrectly? Should I be praying at all?