April 11, 2017

#SupportLokalPH: NLighten CC Cushion

Recently, I've been discovering a number of local (i.e. Filipino) independent businesses. Some of them I've discovered online (on Facebook or on Instagram), others in bazaars. I realize how challenging it is for them to compete with the global market--just look at the shops in our malls and you'll see that most of the brands are from foreign companies ("local" businesses are usually re-sellers na lang)--so in my own little way, I would like to help promote their brand by featuring some of my favorite purchases in this blog.

NLighten CC Cushion

A product of NWorld. Distributed by Health & Skin Care Plus.

(Health & Skin Care Plus Online Shop: https://www.facebook.com/bernsteam/)

Disclaimer: While the product itself isn't made in the Philippines, all of the retailers are self-employed Filipino entrepreneurs, deserving of a feature in this series. For those familiar with NWorld, I will only be discussing the NLighten CC Cushion and not the nature of their business.


It has been a while since I've had a portable base make-up in my kit, so when I was presented with a catalog of NWorld products, the CC Cushion immediately caught my eye. From what I understand, the products of NWorld's NLighten line are aimed to instantly brighten the skin upon application, and to lighten the skin over time.

NLighten CC Cushion only comes in one shade, and retails for 1,640 PhP.

My first reaction seeing the CC Cushion in the catalog is that the product seems to be on the expensive side. For a product so ubiquitous in Korean beauty brands, having the cushion priced higher than the popular brands might be a disadvantage to those who are selling this product.

Also, I noticed that there is only one shade available, a shade which seems to be equivalent to the lightest shade of cushions from popular brands. Koreans are notorious for making their base makeup lighter than their neck, but here in the Philippines this trend didn't really catch on (we even mock this style as "espasol face.")

Still, I wanted to give this product a try.

A closer look of the ingredients listed on the box.

The packaging is pretty standard, much like what you would expect cushions to look like. The cover looks sturdy enough, and I really liked the pearl effect of the cover design. It has this minimalist chic effect, which matches the high-end price point of the product.


The inside of the cushion is unremarkable, with the standard cushion cover and air puff.


Swatching the product on my hand, I observed that it has a satin finish--not too dewy, not too matte. The coverage is pretty decent as well, covering up most of the blemishes on my skin.

With flash

The product photographed well, both with flash and without flash. Despite its high SPF (SPF 50 PA+++), there was no noticeable white cast bouncing off my hand.

Without flash​

After which, I tried using the cushion on my face, which turned out a bit more tricky than I expected.

I find that the best way to apply this product is to apply it only to the areas with discoloration (thus color correction, duh). When applied to the whole face, the ghost-like mask will become more apparent.

It is because of this limitation that you will still need to apply a separate sunscreen before the cushion (to protect the rest of your face) and a separate foundation base after the cushion (to even out the rest of the face). But because of the matte finish, I find that there is no need to set the face with powder.

After a good two hours since first application, no retouching needed. Eventually, the product sets on the skin.

As for lasting power, I'd say that the product stays on for the whole day. Blotting is still needed, however, for those with oily skin (like me!)


  • Can be used by people with oily skin
  • Covers up blemishes reasonably
  • Corrects redness
  • Photographs well, even after long wear


  • Pricey
  • No shade variety
  • Cannot be used on the entire face without looking like an espasol
  • Cushion did not seem to maximize product volume
The cushion dried out faster than expected, and while flipping the sponge to its other side, I saw that there is a patch of sponge without the product. What a waste.

Final thoughts; will I repurchase?

NLighten CC Cushion is a decent addition to one's base makeup routine. On a good skin day, it might even serve as primer, concealer, and foundation; all-in-one. However, for the price, I expect more shade variety and (most importantly) more product in the packaging itself. Yes, I will consider repurchasing, but maybe only during the hotter, more humid seasons.

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  1. Thank you for your review! One press using the puff is enough to cover the face so you won't get the "espasol face." look. Apply to the T-zone first then spread it evenly. :)

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