August 13, 2017

On Hiatus

Hi guys!

Looking back at my published posts as of late, it seems that I am able to update this blog at a fairly regular pace, and for that I'm very happy.




I'm sorry to say that I'll be stepping away from the keyboard for a while.

Sorry, dear readers, but Noctis needs me. :)

I've recently acquired a pre-owned Final Fantasy XV, which I started playing a few days ago... and I'm totally hooked. I've been forgetting my household chores, my blog (I've already got four entries lined up but I don't think I'll be able to start them anytime soon), heck, I've even been forgetting my personal hygiene!

I'm still subscribed to Ipsy, PINCHme, and a couple of more sampler boxes that I haven't talked about yet, but since I'll be busy with my game, I've decided to skip talking about any subscription boxes I'll be getting during my blogging break.

All things said, hope to see you when I get back. When? I don't know... but I'll definitely write again!

Ja, mata ne!

August 09, 2017

The Ordinary: Colors

In my previous post, I mentioned that there was a time when The Ordinary stocks were running low on their online store. I had to wait for them to notify me via email that they have replenished their stocks for the items I wanted to buy. Back then, I was waiting for two items: their Vitamin C cream, and their liquid foundation. Stocks for the Vitamin C cream came first, and I hurriedly purchased the it for fear that I they might run out of it again.

But then, just a couple of days after the order was processed, I received an email that they have restocked the liquid foundation as well. I asked if they are willing to update my previous order to add the liquid foundation to my purchased, but they said that they are unable to edit orders once processed. Long story short, I purchased another batch of stuff from The Ordinary.


This haul is a relatively small one, as I've only purchased three items just so I can reach the free shipping limit.

Let's get on with the products, shall we?

August 04, 2017

The Ordinary: Serums

PSA: DECIEM, the umbrella brand of The Ordinary, offers worldwide shipping (except to mainland China, more details below). International Shipping (which includes the Philippines) is done through BPost, with a shipping fee of 38 USD. A minimum of 250 USD is needed to qualify for free shipping.

Residents in the Philippines can also try ordering The Ordinary via

Looking for Cheaper Alternatives

A while back, I tried out Glossier's The Super Pack. Each bottle of serum emptied exactly a month after first use (I was using them daily), which means that I would have to subscribe to their Never-Run-Out Service if I want to add the products to my daily routine. That's $65 every month with no discount at all (the only perk is that you get free shipping, but they offer free shipping on their one-time products anyway), and I'm not willing to spend that much on one brand alone. Besides, nothing remarkable happened to my skin after a month's worth of using those serums. Lugi.

Some of my friends suggested that I try out The Ordinary, as it is known for providing cheaper skincare alternatives. I've heard about it from Wayne Goss, when he featured its foundation on his vlog.

Who wouldn't be hyped up after seeing how enthusiastic he is in the video??

Shortly after Wayne Goss' video was published, The Ordinary's stock has run low, so I had to wait a while before I was able to purchase stuff to try out.

August 01, 2017

Graze (Trial Week)

PSA: Graze can only ship boxes to US addresses (including P.O. Boxes!), within the 50 states. At this time, graze boxes cannot be shipped to APO, FPO, US Territory addresses, or internationally.

Previously, I wrote about the PINCHme sampler box, which included a coupon for a free Graze trial box. This particular coupon had no strings (i.e. hidden charges or shipping fees) attached, so I decided to avail the trial box.

Much like Blue Apron, availing the trial box means signing up for their subscription service.

Graze is a snack subscription box wherein, for $13.99, you will receive an 8-snack variety box. These snacks are curated based on your dietary restrictions (if any), snack ratings (i.e. trash, try, like, or love) and box type (i.e. Variety Box, Calorie Count Box, or Protein Box). New subscribers get 50% off their first box, and subscription can vary from weekly, to every two weeks, or to monthly.

The trial box that was sent to me included four snacks.


I was pleasantly surprised to find the box, and the enclosed card, addressed to me. I like how they made an effort to personalize their snack boxes, as if they did handpick the snacks especially for me.

Now, on to the snacks themselves.