August 09, 2017

The Ordinary: Colors

In my previous post, I mentioned that there was a time when The Ordinary stocks were running low on their online store. I had to wait for them to notify me via email that they have replenished their stocks for the items I wanted to buy. Back then, I was waiting for two items: their Vitamin C cream, and their liquid foundation. Stocks for the Vitamin C cream came first, and I hurriedly purchased the it for fear that I they might run out of it again.

But then, just a couple of days after the order was processed, I received an email that they have restocked the liquid foundation as well. I asked if they are willing to update my previous order to add the liquid foundation to my purchased, but they said that they are unable to edit orders once processed. Long story short, I purchased another batch of stuff from The Ordinary.


This haul is a relatively small one, as I've only purchased three items just so I can reach the free shipping limit.

Let's get on with the products, shall we?


Multi-Technology Peptide Serum

This is an anti-aging serum to be applied immediately after cleansing (I apply this after toning). It contains a variety of peptide molecules that aim to make the skin smoother and to make wrinkles disappear. While I really don't have any visible wrinkles (I guess I have to thank my oily skin for that), I do admit that I'm not getting any younger--prevention is better than cure, some say.

High-Adherence Silicone Primer

High-Adherence Blurring Surface Smoother and Primer

There are two varieties of primers The Ordinary has to offer: this one, and the High-Spreadability Fluid Primer. Of the two, this one is recommended for oily skin types as this has a matte finish, compare to the latter's dewy finish. This foundation also fills in the pores to achieve a blurred, filter-like effect.

I'm still getting used to applying this primer on top of the layers of skincare applied to my face, especially when I'm using sunscreen. The current sunscreen that I'm using tends to rub off the Vitamin C cream and make them clump into eraser residue-like crumbles, so I'm still adjusting the amount and pressure to ensure that I'm not taking away any previously applied product in the process.

Coverage Foundation (2.0N)

According to Wayne Goss, MAC shade NC25 translates roughly to The Ordinary shade 2.0N

While I do agree that shade 2.0N matches fine with my skin, and that the coverage foundation does even out my skin tone, applying this liquid foundation isn't as easy as I imagine. I tried using my fingers, but I found the application too streaky to my liking. Plus, it doesn't sit well on my dry patches (due to the exfoliation from using the Differin gel)--it even emphasizes them like heck :( Using a blending sponge makes a better finish, and does even out the skin tone, but it doesn't do much to improve the texture of my skin.

Final Verdict

The only reason why I want to wear foundation is because I would like to hide my skin's imperfections while it is healing. Assuming that the Differin gel is able to remove my acne, and that Niacinamide serum is able to remove the blemish marks, I won't be needing foundation at all (or maybe just a light coverage for added protection). Unfortunately, The Ordinary's full coverage foundation doesn't completely cover my blemishes... well, at least by the way I'm currently applying the foundation.

Hopefully I am able to find a way for the foundation to work for me. This product has gotten a lot of hype in YouTube, which makes me think that I might be the one who's doing it wrong.

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